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Finca Azur – contemporary architecture and cutting-edge technology

Finca Azur is a timeless masterpiece created by Matterhorn Estates in close collaboration with Lafont Arquitectura. It is our most beautiful home to date – rich in Mediterranean landscaping, modern-Andalusian architectural detail and balanced proportions; a home designed for a refined lifestyle and fitted with every conceivable luxury and amenity, yet there is more to Finca Azul than meets the eye.

What you don’t see at first glance is the technology ‘under the skin’ that makes this not only an aesthetically outstanding villa in Marbella, but also one which applies the latest systems to ensure an as yet unrivalled level of comfort and energy-efficiency. Finca Azur is cool under the summer sun and cosseting during the winter months, yet this is only the start.

Buyers of homes in this segment of the market want style, quality and the highest standard of home amenities, but now also in balance with nature, so today’s luxurious villa has to minimise the impact on the environment while offering all the living quality of before – and more. This requires a new level of construction, technology and energy-efficiency, and to achieve it we created a detailed energy management system for Finca Azur with our architect José Ignacio Lafont, engineering firm Proinsermant and Ampere Energy, a Spanish company, hardware manufacturer and AI-based technology developer that work to promote a new efficient and sustainable energy model, based on self-consumption, storage, electromobility and smart energy management.

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Smart Energy Management

The energy management system resulting from this collaboration was conceived to satisfy the following criteria:

  •  Quality
  • Simplicity
  •  Efficiency

In the process, every detail was carefully considered in the design and construction of Finca Azur, from the orientation of the building and the positioning of porches and overhangs, to the thermal interchange and optimal insulation. In addition to these ‘passive’ elements, we also applied active means to ensure the computerised ‘brain’ of the villa has the capacity to adjust to prevailing conditions so as to provide the most favourable living environment and thermal/energy efficiency attainable.

The ’nervous system’ of the home is an intelligent EIB KNX bus line cable network that runs alongside the mains supply and optimises the functioning of all devices and operating systems within the property – and you’d be surprised how many there are! In this way, air flow is controlled and natural energy sources harnessed to regulate temperatures and exchange heat between indoor and outdoor areas.

Finca Azur is largely self-reliant upon clean energy thanks to solar panels for hot water and photovoltaic panels for electricity storage. In addition to a back-up supply of liquified gas, Finca Azur counts on smart battery energy storage; the Ampere smart Energy management system also picks optimal moments to buy energy from the grid, combining Artificial Energy and Blockchain technology to maximise the production and minimise the use of energy resources. In this way, producing energy (and maintenance cost) savings of up to 76%.

In addition to timeless style and comfort, therefore, Finca Azur’s landmark energy management system means it is also one of the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly luxury villas on the Marbella market right now – the kind of home today’s discerning buyer would like to know more about.